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Once a writer, always a writer

I was born with a yellow #2 pencil tucked behind my right ear and bearing the Irish storytelling genes from my potato famine Irish ancestors. By age 8, I was a published writer – three issues of The Neighborhood Advocate newspaper, written by me and photocopied by my dad at the office (circulation: 6). As a teen, I wrote a four paragraph English assignment for my older sister for $2 and realized there might be money in this writing thing.

How I got from there to here

Not surprisingly, my first career was focused on words, albeit foreign ones. Armed with a Russian language degree from Georgetown Unive-rsity (because, why not?), I enjoyed 7 years of working as a government translator. I married, kids came along, and I stayed at home to raise four children. Like many stay-at-home parents, I missed the intellectual stimulation of a profession. At the same time, the thought of a 9 to 5 job did not appeal to me, plus it elicited troubled dreams of forgetting where I stashed the children during working hours. So in 1999, I began freelancing for magazines, my local newspaper, and businesses. The rest, as they say, is history.

More range than your

favorite character actor

I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, but the majority of my work is in the nutraceutical and natural health products industries. I write for both electronic and print media in a variety of formats and styles – long and persuasive, short and pithy, warm and witty, educational, inspirational, sciency (I made that word up), cut-to-the-chase copy, and more.

Your voice, your vision.

My perspiration.

My goal as a copywriter is to capture your voice and your vision, not to impose my own. There's nothing more exciting to me than seeing a product, service, or story help make someone’s life just a little bit better, and to know I had a small part in shaping that message.

How you can reach me

Email me:

Call me: 410–757–0821

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