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Dietary supplements, natural health, natural living

When you hire me, you’re not just getting a copywriter. You’re getting an advocate. Nutritional supplements, natural medicine, and alternative approaches are the foundation of my family's wellness. And that's why you won't find a more passionate advocate for supplements and natural health approaches.


Of course, all that wouldn't be worth a hill of beans to you if I weren't also a skilled copywriter. I've written for some of the biggest direct mailers in the country, as well as small, independent nutraceutical marketers. There's nothing more exciting to me than seeing a product or service help people to feel better. In addition to writing engaging copy, which conveys your message in your voice, there are two skills in particular make me a valuable asset:


  1. I understand the nuances of FDA/FTC regulations.

  2. I’m able to translate science-speak into layperson’s language.

Prepper/survivalist market

I spent over five years as the go-to copywriter for one of the country’s fastest growing prepper supply companies. (When the End Of The World As We Know It hits, the party will be at my house.) Magalogs, email promotions, video sales letters – you name it, I wrote it. It’s easy to poke fun at the buyers in this market. (And they’re tired of it.) That’s why finding just the right tone, and communicating with respect, can make all the difference in sales.

I, or someone in my family, use every one of these supplements regularly. (And they’re not all in this photo.) It’s a professional hazard.

Odds and Ends, This And That, Bits and Bobs

Most of my work falls into the above specialties, and I love it. But I like to mix it up, too. I’ve written for all manner of clients. Web copy for small businesses. Web copy for high-tech government contractors. Direct mail membership programs. Profiles of foster parents. Business executive biographies. Newsletters and articles. I’ve written in the financial field, the insurance industry, the professional services category, and more. I’ve written promotional copy for consultants and creatives. If you’re looking for a copywriter who can get up to speed quickly and deliver top-notch, on-time copy, give me a call.

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