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Electronic Media:

✓ Web copy

✓ Product descriptions

 Landing pages

✓ Online sales letters

✓ Video scripts

✓ Video sales letter (VSL) scripts

✓ Email promotions

✓ Autoresponder series

✓ E-newsletter content

✓ Web content and blog posts

Print Media:

✓ Direct mail packages

✓ Sales letters

✓ Magalogs

✓ Self-mailers

✓ Flyers and inserts

✓ Brochures

✓ Package copy

✓ Sell sheets and product profiles

✓ Advertorials

✓ Print ads

✓ Newsletters

✓ Articles

✓ POS literature

Eileen's copywriting is the perfect combination of creativity and common sense. We needed someone who could combine technical lingo with consumer speak for our website, and back it up with research. Plus we needed the writing to be FDA/FTC compliant without backing off our sales pitch. It was a tall order but Eileen truly delivered!

Lindsay Williamson, Brand VP

UpSpring Baby

Don't see your project here? Ask!
Chances are, I can do it for you. And if I can't, I may be able to refer you to a writer who can. Give me a call or email me, and let's talk.
"How much moola?" you ask.
First, I'll need some details. Like what your goal for the copy is … what the subject matter is … what format you have in mind … and how fast you need it. To see if my services are compatible with your budget, take a look at my fee schedule, in this PDF document
The fees listed are approximate ranges. For a specific quote for your project, let's have a chat. Once we've spoken, I'll email a written quote back to you within one business day. Drop me an email or call me at the number below.
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